Cultural Relics
After one year’s excavation, we finallyreached the climax moment—excavation of the underground chamber. We would neverforget that day, March 11th, 2001. We had many similar hardexperiences about the excavation of the underground chamber, but this time wasquite different.
The features
The new Leifeng pagoda was founded in December 2000, and completed in October 2002.There are five floors in the body, displaying unprecedented cultural relics,such as wood-carvings and Ou sculptures.What’s more, there are sunset pavilionand Miaoyin pavilion on the Xizhao hill
The folktale of “the White Snake lady
Once upon atime, a white snake that had 1000-year magic power admired Hangzhou, and decided to transform into abeautiful lady and settle down on the west lake. White snake changed into avery beautiful girl named BaiSuzhen.Her good friend, Green Snake, also became a lovely maid, named Xiao Qing.



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