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Since the pagoda collapsed, people from allwalks of life paid attention to it and looked forward to the reconstruction ofthe pagoda, but the dream did not come true because of the limited conditions.In 1999, Zhejiang provincial and Hangzhou municipalgovernment decided to excavate the underground chamber of Leifeng pagoda andbuild the protective cover of the pagoda with the principle of sustainabledevelopment and protecting the cultural relics. The rebuilt pagoda kept thesame structure and appearance of the original one ,made on the original siteand would improve the aesthetic taste of West Lake.
Thenew Leifeng pagoda was founded in December 2000, and completed in October 2002.There are five floors in the body, displaying unprecedented cultural relics,such as wood-carvings and Ou sculptures. What’s more, there are sunset pavilionand Miaoyin pavilion on the Xizhao hill, cultural relics display hall, OuxiangJu restaurant, Qinyuan pavilion around the main pagoda body.
The rebuilt Leifeng Pagoda has an octagonalfoundation of two stories, surrounded by white marble railings. The pagoda bodyis a five-storied structure above the foundation, each of its stories has anexterior platform for enjoying views.
The pagoda body with octagonal paviliontype covers an area of 3133 square meters. The pagoda has a total height of 61.909m, including 45.809m of body and 16.10m of top. Its foundation is 9.77m tall. So the height of the whole pagoda is 71.679m.
The investment in the Leifeng Pagoda ScenicSpot totals RMB150 million. The new one, which inherits the shape and structureof the original one, is a modern building in the sense of its steel-copperstructure, adopted for the protection of the original site. When you lookingaround, you will find that the pillar, railing, cornice hanging, even the eavestiles are made of copper. The volume of copper consumption is 280 tons, whichmake it become the biggest copper pagoda at home and abroad. We are proud ofthat it can compare with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.As its distinguished design and building materials, Leifeng pagoda has withstoodsevere weather both in freezing winter and hot summer. There is no doubt thatLeifeng pagoda is a representative of the pagoda buildings in modernChina.It adopts the modern advanced techniques, which embody the modern ideal,intelligence and scientifically techniques of human race.