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In 977, Qian Chu, the king of Wuyue Kingdombuilt Leifeng pagoda to store the Silver Mini-pagoda of King Asoka that wascontaining crystalline Buddha’s hair remains and pray for the prosperity ofcountry and people’s lives. Since then, Leifeng pagoda in Evening Glow hadranked one of the top ten views of the west lake. In history, the originalLeifeng pagoda has gone through warring and suffered from damages. On Sep. 25th,1924, it collapsed due to aging.

The new pagoda is completed on Oct.25th,2002. The pagoda body is of octagonal pavilion type with a height of 71.679m, and covers an area of3133 square meters. The new Leifeng pagoda has its obvious and special styleand characteristic in architecture and culture. The new one has fourcharacteristics: unique landscape, profound Buddhism culture, a moving lovestory—White Snack Lady, and the creative architecture style. First of all,ascending the top of the new Leifeng pagoda, our horizon will be raised andstanding on the outer corridor of the Leifeng pagoda, we will have a bird’s-eyeview of the whole west lake landscape.

Secondly, the underground chamber of theLeifeng pagoda had been excavated and the most important culture relics— silvermini-pagoda of king Asoka was unearthed .And the Buddha’s hair remains wasrestored inside it . Now this sliver mini-pagoda is kept in the culture relicsdisplay hall in our scenic spot.

Thirdly, paying a visit to the LeifengPagoda, you can enjoy the love story about “White Snake Lady”, one of the fourlove stories inChina.

Fourthly, the new Leifeng pagoda has aspecial and unique structure—“pagoda inside a pagoda”, meaning that the newLeifeng pagoda is the protective cover of the original one. The foundation ofthe new pagoda is on the original site of the Leifeng pagoda. In architecturalstructure and style, the new Leifeng pagoda is quite similar with the originalone.

Thenight belongs to the Leifeng pagoda. In the evening, the Leifeng pagoda is morecharming. When you are at the top of the pagoda at that time, you will beimmersed yourself in the beautiful west lake which is decorated with thecolorful lights and then you will truly understand the meaning of “down belowthe moon, up upon the earthly paradise”.

Thenew scenic spot not only inherits the traditional culture of the originalpagoda, but also adds humanistic facilities and service. The barrier-free path,escalator, sightseeing lift and the free tourist car are all equipped in ourscenic spot, which make it available for the elder and the disabled to enjoytheir trips here. Meanwhile, the concept “no raining in the Leifeng pagodascenic spot” features our service .We offer the all-day service which makes thetourists feel cozy even in the rainy day.